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Senior Cure

Thermalism is a well-known cure thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects and its analgesic virtues. Practiced since antiquity, this technique can remedy many health problems, reduce chronic pain and also reduce stress. With the evolution of different age-related illnesses, seniors are the main beneficiaries of the spa treatment, especially when they suffer from chronic pathology.
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Why Choose a spa cure for senior?

In France, more than half of the elderly are afraid of losing their autonomy with age. However, almost everyone who has resorted to spa treatment and regular sports activities are convinced that they bring more self-confidence and well-being to their daily lives. Indeed, our body and our needs evolve with age. That is why it is necessary to put in place tailored solutions to remedy them. In this regard, the spa treatment is very effective, because it acts in a personalized way while allowing to treat both many illnesses. At the same time this process allows to prevent and also to limit disorders and physiological changes.

Care provided during the cure for senior

The spa cure for senior lasts about three consecutive weeks. During this period nine care workshops are offered. The sessions concern several stages and different areas. The patient begins by learning how to manage his or her memory and concentration and nutrition. Then a session of Sophrology is proposed in order to find serenity on a daily basis and also to manage the ills. The treatment is accompanied by a few sessions of physical activity, including Nordic walking, Pilates and stretching. In addition, specific accompaniments are also implemented to help you better manage the pain in a dynamic and responsible way.
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Choose a lodging for your spa in Dax

Would you like to enjoy all the benefits of a spa treatment? Come and discover the camping Les deers. This is the perfect place to do a Dax spa cure with its aquatic spaces and its choice accommodations. The residence is located in the commune of Seignosse and welcomes you in a peaceful and convivial setting. It offers well-equipped accommodations suitable for seniors. All its rentals are located near the beach and near the Landes forest. Suitable for family stays, accommodations have a capacity of two to eight people. In the property, the tenants will benefit from the heated pool and the indoor pools. For the smaller ones, wading pools and water playgrounds are also available. To entertain you, the campsite offers a tennis court, a fitness and gym area, and entertainment for children.

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