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Cure Rheumatology

The Spa is an effective technique to treat joint pain, tendonitis and back pain. It appeals to natural care techniques that allow you to maximize your mobility and also ease the pain without medication.
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Who are the Spa Rheumatology?

Cures thermal Rheumatology are used to overcome a multitude of pathologies. You can opt for this treatment in the case of chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, coxarthrosis, osteoarthritis and inflammatory rheumatism. For osteoarthritis, it is effective to treat your hands and feet. This method is also recommended for quick recovery after intense sports activities, surgery and a rehabilitation. Some doctors also recommend the spa for others pathologies related to the legacy of CRPS.

The cure Rheumatology care

The Spa comes in three specific techniques, including external hydrotherapy, internal hydrotherapy and the drinking cure. The first, also known as the General hydrotherapy, relates to the baths and showers. Generally, we use jets of mineral water for this technique. As for local or internal hydrotherapy, she is inhalation and nebulisation. And finally, for the drinking cure, as its name suggests, it’s a direct ingestion of mineral water. Namely that the lighthouse of the cure care Spa Rheumatology is the pelotherapy or application of thermal mud. It is a technique well appreciated at the baths of Dax for anti-inflammatory and analgesic of these peloides effects. Indeed, these mud baths facilitate the circulation of the blood and quickly reduce inflammatory pain.
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To stay during his curacy in Dax:

To enjoy such care, go to the coast of the Landes and ask your suitcase to the deer camp. At Seignosse, it welcomes you in the heart of a wooded park, between ocean and forests. To accommodate you, it puts rent different types of accommodation such as mobil-homes with a capacity of 2 to 8 people, cottages all comfort and bungalows paintings. Ideally placed in a shaded Beach setting, it is a place suitable for the cures of thermal Dax. If you are lovers of traditional camping, various locations are also available. Namely that the curist Dax campsite is located at a few kilometres from the towns of Hossegor and Soustons old Boucau. For entertainment, you can walk on the paths of the site.

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