Surf School

Surf school Novelty in our Camping Les Chevreuils, the ENJOY Surf School has settled in our campsite to help you discover surfing and other activities such as paddle rides on Lake Hossegor, or walks in the Seignosse forest with...

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Camping pitches

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Cure Rheumatology

The Spa is an effective technique to treat joint pain, tendonitis and back pain. It appeals to natural care techniques that allow you to maximize your mobility and also ease the pain without medication. Who are the Spa Rheumatology?...

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Cure osteoarthritis

Primary or secondary osteoarthritis, this pathology is no longer inevitable thanks to the evolution of the spa treatment. This technique allows both to reduce pain, slowing the progression of the disease and to encourage the mobility of the patient....

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Cure back pain

If inflammatory pain can be felt at the level of your lumbar vertebrae, it is possible that you be reached of back pain. It is a common condition that affects most of the French population and which is most...

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Fibromyalgia Cure

Fibromyalgia is the set of pathologies that cause muscular pain. These diseases usually manifest themselves under different symptoms as a feeling of great fatigue and sleep disturbances. This rheumatic syndrome can be treated in different ways. For a quick...

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Senior Cure

Thermalism is a well-known cure thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects and its analgesic virtues. Practiced since antiquity, this technique can remedy many health problems, reduce chronic pain and also reduce stress. With the evolution of different age-related illnesses, seniors...

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Cure phlebology

The Dax Spa is one of the ideal destinations to benefit from an effective phlebology cure in France. This is one of the few places that offer recommended care for phlebitis, i.e. the stimulation of venous circulation. On-site, you...

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Spa Cure in Dax

Dax is a top-choice destination in the Landes for Curists. The thermalism in this resort is a unique experience of its kind. It welcomes you in structures with a human dimension, at the heart of the often preserved frame....

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Campsite Hossegor

Located in the southern part of the Landes, Hossegor is an idyllic destination that must be discovered during your holiday camping landaises. This seaside resort flourishes between a beautiful emerald forest, a nice marine lake and some 3.5 km...

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Campsite Seignosse

Camping in Seignosse is to be able to enjoy its long beaches of fine sand punctuated by famous surf spots during its holidays. The seaside resort, in the south of the Landes and near Hossegor, is indeed a paradise...

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Camping in the Landes with swimming pool

Les Landes is a paradise for nature lovers and boating enthusiasts. Housing the largest maritime forest of Europe and bordered by more than 100 km of maritime façade, the region is indeed a must-have destination in Aquitaine. An infinite...

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Cheap camping Landes

From April to September, camping Les Chevreuils **** welcomes you in a preserved natural setting, just a few steps from the Atlantic beaches, in the heart of the Landes. In addition to its privileged location, between Hossegor, Capbreton and...

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Camping Landes Seaside

The south-west region of France is a permanently sunny area. Les Landes, a department located on the Atlantic coast, in the Aquitaine region, is the ideal destination for a memorable summer vacation. At the gates of the regional Natural...

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Campsite Landes 4 stars

The Landes Regional Natural Park is located in the Aquitaine region of southwestern France. At 3.5 km from Seignosse and 6 km from Hossegor, it is located not far from the charming cities of the summer holidays. It is...

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Campsite Dax

Located in the Landes department, in Aquitaine, in the south-west of France, Dax is a very popular spa resort during the summer holidays. Acclaimed for its location which gives it a green and well maintained landscape, it is one...

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    On the south coast of Les Landes, Camping Les Chevreuils welcomes you to Seignosse at the entry of Hossegor in a park of quality. Between ocean, lakes and forests, Seignosse is an ideal holiday destination. Find your...

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