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The surroundings nature

Nature in the LandesNature in the Landes:

Forest, ocean, dunes, lakes – wildlife

The department of Landes enjoys a very pronounced nature between ocean and forest.

The Landes forest is largely composed of maritime pines and cork oaks.

It should be known that at times the Landes was a very sparsely populated department because very marshy, that’s why Napoleon III chose to plant pines all over the territory to dry the land and allow transport to be able to pass through the Landes. That’s how the largest artificial forest in Europe was born.
The forest has also secured dunes to protect villages in the land that could be flooded during storms.

The Landes is also a few lakes where you can spend pleasant moments.
For example Lake Hossegor or the white pond.
The white pond is a nature reserve located not far from the campsite just 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes by bike, as for Lake Hossegor it is 15 minutes by car.
If you stay at the campsite, these two places are ideal for a picnic and get off the beach for a moment.

In terms of wildlife you can cross in the forest several animals in your walks, such as deer (Yes our name was not chosen at random;)) but also wild boars, pheasants, jays , hares and many more!
As for the many wetlands because yes the Landes are still rich in many wetlands you can find ducks, Geese, nutria and many others.

The Landes as you could understand it is a natural area with a varied fauna and flora, so if you are passing through the region do not hesitate to venture into our beautiful region.

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