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What could be more magical for a romantic holiday than to share a magical and romantic moment with a great sunset on the beach of Les Casernes, located 1.5 kilometres from the campsite.

Each sunset has its own charm, with an overcast or stormy sky or on the contrary a completely clear sky, you can fully enjoy the wonders of nature.

An untouchable but so beautiful landscape blending its orange red tones with the waves of the Ocean.

Once there, you can continue to enjoy these relaxing moments as soon as night falls by settling into one of the many bars or restaurants.

Some of them are located on the waterfront and will welcome you in a warm atmosphere to spend a totally relaxed evening in a Zen atmosphere, feet in the sand and with a breathtaking view of the sun disappearing on the horizon.

You can also discover these sunsets from the nearby beaches, whether Soustons or Vieux Boucau, but also enjoy them on the Etang Blanc and Lake de Soustons.

All these splendid sunsets will also allow you to enrich your collection of photos and your holiday memories.

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