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Local markets to visit

Local markets to visit


An authentic and friendly atmosphere

Local markets are appreciated for their authentic and friendly atmosphere. They fully highlight the richness and diversity of local products. Joyful and colourful, they bring together many Landes traditions and allow us to discover the region’s specialities. We can find special products, farm products, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, among others and why not also exchange good recipes.

Each city organizes its own market on a different day of the week, usually in the morning from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. There is nothing more pleasant than walking around the premises, tasting and choosing Landes delicacies that awaken all our senses. In the Landes, about 92 markets are held each week. There will surely be one nearby that you can visit.

Local markets to visit


More markets on the coast during the summer

In summer, these markets tend to be more varied and more numerous. Whether along the Atlantic coast or in the interior of the Landes region, you will surely find local products depending on the season such as: foie gras, duck breast, wines, armagnac, Bayonne ham, goat and sheep cheese, fruit and vegetables, Basque cake, ready meals, souvenirs, etc. On summer nights, many cities hold night markets to enjoy the place in a new way. The pleasant temperatures, lights and music will make your evening a magical one. In these night markets, craftsmen and artists exhibit and sell their creations.


Local markets to visit


The ideal bike outing

Local markets are usually a good place to go for a family walk. A nice bike ride will take you to nearby markets to find local producers. Quality products to take home, to stock for the winter or to offer to less fortunate friends or family members who could not come. The whole family will be delighted to discover the flavours of the Landes!

Soon available on this page: the places and days of markets by period!

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